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Every successful business eventually arrives at the point at which they need to consider their marketing strategy very seriously.

However, not all business owners agree whether it is better to hire a full time marketing team themselves, procure the services of a well-established major marketing agency, or engage a small, up-and-coming agency instead.

Boutique Digital Marketing Agencies

There are certain advantages to each, of course.

In this post, we will be talking about how it is more beneficial for a business to entrust their marketing to a boutique marketing agency, rather than a major player, or to split the workload between an in-house team and a small agency.

Let us look at some reasons behind this recommendation.

Advantages of Small Digital Agencies

  • Less commitment: By hiring a small agency to do your marketing for you, you are given more flexibility and less commitment. It saves you the trouble of interviewing and hiring people yourself, as well as having to pay their salaries and especially benefits. By hiring out, you let the agency take care of those aspects, and you just pay for the service they provide for you. Furthermore, if you don’t like what the agency produces for you, you can just take your business elsewhere, whereas if you don’t like what your in-house team produce, you can’t just fire them all, can you?
  • Cost savings: This is closely related to the previous point. When you hire your own marketing team, not only will you need to pay their salaries and benefits, but you will also have to provide them with office space, computers, equipment and other overhead costs. When you think about it, by hiring a small agency, you are effectively sharing those overhead costs with many other business owners in a similar situation, which is quite efficient.
  • Specialization: Small marketing firms often have an aspect of the business that they are known for, and which they execute to perfection. If you need a particular type of content, you would do well to find a small firm with a reputation for being good at that sort of work, and hire them, instead of entrusting it to a large firm which is supposed to be good at everything, which is seldom the case. On top of that, you can hire multiple small firms with different specialties to provide you with different aspects of the same campaign, which means you get the best work from everyone.
  • Creativity: Going off the previous point, it is often the case that a large marketing firm will get boxed into a routine when coming up with content, resulting in a spate of cookie-cutter campaigns, which are increasingly ineffective in this day and age. Small agencies provide a breath of fresh air, due to their passion for their work, as well as a culture which enables a certain degree of freedom and risk-taking. This often results in quirky, highly original campaigns, which have become a staple of the modern marketing scene.
  • Something to prove: When you hire a major marketing firm, you are essentially making a safe bet, based on their reputation and their size. However, it is often the case that these major firms will not put in very much effort into crafting a campaign suited to your particular needs as a client, but they will rather go for content they can churn out quickly and reliably. A small firm must innovate to survive. They will likely put in a lot more effort into producing the content you want, which is suited to your needs, since they are counting on you to recommend them to somebody, so that they can grow.

Keeping all of these considerations in mind, it is also important to point out that the majority of businesses employ both a small in-house team, as well as an external agency.

This is a beneficial arrangement, since it allows you to delegate communication with the agencies you hire, in order to make sure the content you’re getting is suited to your brand, while not making a heavy investment into an entire team of your own. This allows you to have the best of both worlds.

To Conclude:

​Naturally, it is up to you as a business owner to determine what the right choice for your company is. You need to gauge how many in-house employees you need in order to coordinate with external agencies, or whether you need them at all. 

We would suggest starting small, to see what works, and then doubling down once you’ve found the right balance.

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